A few months ago I exhibited in an art show that featured artists from all around the metro area.  The experience I gained by being part of the show was amazing.  In fact, I was approached by a few people to show and exhibit in other places because they had seen my work at Artomatic.Continue reading “Published”

A free weekend = art time

The past few weeks have been extremely busy, coupled with the typical wifi issues.  However, I managed to create some little guys.  I’m really enjoying using the Tamil and Hindi newspapers in my work to represent where I am.  In no other way could I be more present in my art making than using theseContinue reading “A free weekend = art time”


Artomatic was a great way for me to get my artwork out there and visible to the public.  This past week I’ve been e-mailing with many people who made contact me through that forum.  It’s been great to hear the feedback and have people share interest in the arts.  It’s great motivation to keep makingContinue reading “Publishing”

Make a small purchase, make a significant contribution: Flood Aid for Schools in Chennai

Relief efforts are now underway to help the people who have been affected by the monsoon floods in the region of Tamil Nadu in India. In an effort to help communities who are most devastated by the floods in the region, I am raising money for a non-profit based in Chennai. The NalandaWay Foundation worksContinue reading “Make a small purchase, make a significant contribution: Flood Aid for Schools in Chennai”

Final days

Final two days of the “Invocations” art show.  Head out to Reston Community Center at Lake Anne before we have to take it down.  It’s been a lovely show and great experience.  So glad it came together over the summer.  Can’t wait to get back out there with some more new work in different locations. Continue reading “Final days”

Where I left off…

Since it’s been a minute since I’ve posted, I thought I would update where I’m at.  I haven’t been able to work a lot this week since we’ve been back to school, but I managed to get some studio time in. The wash settled, but since then I’ve added more and lost the black ink.Continue reading “Where I left off…”