Born in Virginia, but raised in Germany, Uruguay, and South Africa.  I’ve also bounced around to other places such as Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Egypt, and India in my adult life.  Finally, I returned to Northern Virginia, and decided to make Alexandria my home along with my wonderful husband and energetic dog.

I’m an artist, but have also spent the last 16 years of my life teaching art in public and private school settings (Albuquerque, Martha’s Vineyard, Cairo, and Alexandria).  The last 9 of those years teaching at a Juvenile Detention Center.  Here is a link to my former students’ artwork at the detention center.  You can also check out this other webpage that shows work done by my students in the detention center between 2010-2012.  This site contains some pictures and blog entries from my most recent adventures in India.  I spent 4 months working with an arts non-profit as a part of my Fulbright Scholarship.

Now, in the next phase of my career,  I’ve taken an artist studio at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia.  You may also find me “live” painting at Palette 22 in Shirlington, Virginia.  I’ve decided to focus on my own artwork and teach part time.  I’m looking forward to connecting with the arts community and exploring my own art making.

I will still be teaching regular art classes in a variety of places.  I’ll also be teaching yoga asana and meditation to teens using the curriculum I created that fuses art and yoga together called “CITY- Creating (Emotional) Intelligence Through Yoga (and Art)”.

I’m an artist.
I’m an educator.
BUT most of all, I am still a student.  Every day of my life.

(c)K.Fitzpatrick 2013-until forever