Artist at Work
A brief look at some of the work Kate completed in 2017.  Although her process continually evolves, she continues to focus on the basic questions of human existence: Where are we from, who are we, how did we get here? Kate is curious how different systems contribute to human behaviors and how communication and memory play a role in individual and group experiences. Shaped by the places she’s lived, her research will continue to explore the intersection of place and identity, and how dislocation speaks to the many ways the human condition is affected.

Tributary and Confluence Series
This video highlights the multi-layered, mixed media paintings that use maps as a collage material in an unconventional way. In this series Kate was interested in repurposing maps to create imagined or abstracted places and bodies of water. Using a variety of media allowed her to create interesting textures and layers with paper, paint, and thread. When working with these art materials Kate was mimicking water currents, and the actions of pulling and pushing. Chance and surprise dictate how the artist added each layer, but her intention was to create a balance between exploration and extreme control. Two constant threads that run through her work are nature and movement.

Articles and Interviews
Click on the links below lo learn more about Kate’s art and teaching practices:

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Teaching Practices
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Additional Links
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