Topographic Frequencies

In the last couple of weeks I’ve started a new series.  I was inspired by letters!  Someone posted a really interesting diagram on one of the social media outlets I am on, and -Bam-  and idea!  I decided to use this diagram as a way to create these “Topographic Frequencies”.  I’m really interested in data, it’s all around us and I want to find ways to make art out of these kinds of charts and figures we see all the time.  As a teacher, I am familiar with the use of all kinds of data, every district and school wants to see a variety of data that relates to student output, but I thought this would be a great way to explore the idea of using data without feeling bogged down by the numbers, graphs and ideas.

These topographic frequencies, are an extension of my desire to create pieces that take information, change it around, and turn it into new information.  In this case, I’m just using lines.  The variety of lines and the placement of them change with each name of place.  These are not actual topographic maps of the physical places, but the letters that make up the names of these places.

On top of all that, from now through the end of the December all profits made from these “Topographic Frequencies” will go to ArtLight Global  to help fund the very first workshop in Bangalore, India.  I also am willing to take suggestions of frequencies you would like to see. Or, feel free to commission me.  Contact me if you would like more information on the pieces.  Below are some examples of this series.  Thank you for your support!

Oh yeah, that mural

July has zoomed past me, and I realized I didn’t post any pictures of the finished mural.  It was a pleasure to work on, I had the best time. The heat was hard to beat at times, but with some lovely shade near by, I was able to find moments where I could rest, drink water and start again.  I can’t wait until the next big project!

Show Opening

If you have time and you’re in DC, I have a piece up in the Hill Center Galleries .  It opens this Wednesday, and the show runs through September.  It’s a really sweet spot, next to Eastern Market!  The piece that is on view is called “Meander”.  See a picture of it my gallery .

Ariel View: Glen Echo Art Walk

Hello everyone! Hope to see you next week out at Glen Echo Park for the opening of “Ariel View”.  Really excited to exhibit the many pieces I’ve worked on throughout the year and hope you’ll join me for the opening reception.  You can view additional information here or here .

Not a new site, just a new look

As I navigate the world of social media and blogging, I am realizing I am not a blogger. I love to take pictures and I really enjoy writing small anecdotes.  So in between while you’re waiting for blog updates I encourage you to check out my twitter feed and my instagram posts. I’m really good at updating them.  Also, if you haven’t already, you can also follow me on Facebook.  I hope we remain connected, even thought its a long wait until the next blog post.

Also look for links on the bottom of the pages of my website.  I hope to have instagram linked soon, but it seems a little fickle today.

Only a few days left!

Have you made it out to the Goodwin House to the Crossroads Gallery?  You should soon, because “Pathways” featuring work by myself and Vivian Milholen will be closing next week.  Open until February 28!


Check it out!!

Three of my little guys will be in a show this month.  Check it out:

Nov. 10 – Dec. 4
Meet the Artists Opening, 7:00 pm, Thursday, Nov. 10
ArtSpace Falls Church
410 S. Maple Avenue
Falls Church, VA

Go check it out!

An over due update

The wall has been going through some changes these last few weeks.  There’s been some problem solving, much needed breaks, and some breakthroughs.  I’m really having fun with this project and the idea has taken on a different kind of significance and study.  I feel like it’s moving forward.

So with the much needed breaks I’ve also been working on a few other paintings to keep it interesting.  I’ve ordered more wood to keep going on a series of smaller abstractions and of course wood panels.


The collage work, it’s never ending, but so worth the effort.
I need breaks, so I’m working on a couple of others.  This is one is one masonite board, and has a super slick surface.
Oh, and I’m working on some origami paper, using maps as a guide to make the lines on the paper.
Folding them into cranes.  This has been a long process, but I finally found the right paper and the right ink.
The wall, as it shifts.
Back to making origami paper.
Sometimes you need a walk in the woods to reset.  And I still can’t get away from the impressions of nature.
More map design on paper.
Pre-treating the birch panels for the next project.
Close up of collage.
This is how it looked earlier in the week, you can see the small red piece in the foreground.
Still shape shifting the collage.
Decided to add lines.  It’s going to take some time, but I’m happy with it so far.
Potomac River Basin in progress.
More shifting, more color, more lines.  Nowhere near completion.





What’s going on?

Well, I’ve been a bit too busy this past month. I’ve finished my pieces for a “Spotlight” show at the Workhouse Arts Center (18 pieces total).  I’ve been applying to shows all over the metro area, and I started a new part time teaching job. Needless to say, I’ve been neglectful of my blog.  I’m sure it will all balance out in the next month, and I will back at it.  Updating, taking pictures, and sharing what I’m working on.

I haven’t forgotten, and I love to share.

In the meantime, if you’d like to see my new show- drop by the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia.  “Exploring Textures” will be up through the end of September.

Until next time!

Making art in public

For so long I’ve been used to making art in the comfort of my own home. This year I’ve been offered the opportunity to take my art public.  It can be a bit daunting.  I’ve always thought it’s been important to make are for oneself, but I never really considered art for the masses.  Even in college, the studio setting was a little stressful. It can seem like you’re always on.

I don’t have the feeling this time.  I thought that making art in public would have been a stressful task.  However, these past few weeks as an “art performer” has been a great lesson for me.  I enjoy connecting with the crowd.  The energy that runs through the restaurant is fueling my work right now.  I can feel the pace change through the evening, bustling servers, the diners wading in and out, the variety of music blasting through the speakers.  It’s a vibrant place.

This week I decided to work on preparations of my paintings.  I took out some miniature blocks and worked on a smaller painting.  I’m actually pleased with what I accomplished in the four hours I spent.

So– if you missed me on Tuesday, I’ll be back this Sunday at Palette 22 for Brunch, 11-3 pm.  Hope to see you there! Who knows where the energy will take me that day?

My set up for the evening.
I’m really feeling the red washes.
New “little guys” prep.
There’s one up there on the left!