In the last couple of weeks I’ve started a new series.  I was inspired by letters!  Someone posted a really interesting diagram on one of the social media outlets I am on, and -Bam-  and idea!  I decided to use this diagram as a way to create these “Topographic Frequencies”.  I’m really interested in data, it’s all around us and I want to find ways to make art out of these kinds of charts and figures we see all the time.  As a teacher, I am familiar with the use of all kinds of data, every district and school wants to see a variety of data that relates to student output, but I thought this would be a great way to explore the idea of using data without feeling bogged down by the numbers, graphs and ideas.

These topographic frequencies, are an extension of my desire to create pieces that take information, change it around, and turn it into new information.  In this case, I’m just using lines.  The variety of lines and the placement of them change with each name of place.  These are not actual topographic maps of the physical places, but the letters that make up the names of these places.

On top of all that, from now through the end of the December all profits made from these “Topographic Frequencies” will go to ArtLight Global  to help fund the very first workshop in Bangalore, India.  I also am willing to take suggestions of frequencies you would like to see. Or, feel free to commission me.  Contact me if you would like more information on the pieces.  Below are some examples of this series.  Thank you for your support!