A few months ago I exhibited in an art show that featured artists from all around the metro area.  The experience I gained by being part of the show was amazing.  In fact, I was approached by a few people to show and exhibit in other places because they had seen my work at Artomatic.

This month my work has been published in a magazine called xyHt.  It’s a survey magazine that is distributed to mostly people in the field of measuring and making maps!   I’m so happy, honored and excited that they’ve decided to feature my work.  I never imagined that my artwork would be so well received by a community that uses such specialized equipment to make and measure our planet. They’re the ones that create all the information that I use to make my own maps.

So if you’d like to take a look, go here.

Also here is the picture from the magazine.  I haven’t seen it in the magazine yet, as I am still in India, but my awesome neighbor received a copy of it and snapped a picture for me.