The past few weeks have been extremely busy, coupled with the typical wifi issues.  However, I managed to create some little guys.  I’m really enjoying using the Tamil and Hindi newspapers in my work to represent where I am.  In no other way could I be more present in my art making than using these papers right now.  It just seems so relevant to me.  As I create these new images, I am struck by the real maps I’m engaged with.  There are hundreds of water bodies within the city and outside the city of Chennai.  No wonder this area suffered such tragic loss back in December with the floods.  As I walk around the streets you can still see where there are issues with the road and where certain areas have been hit hard.

The newspapers actually come from my laundry.  Here in India, I send my laundry out, and it comes back to be wrapped in the newspaper.  An extra bonus for me!  If they only knew what becomes of their papers.  It actually is one of the cheapest things you can buy here in India.  Anyone can buy a newspaper.  It costs 1/3 of one penny.

There are a lot of uses for paper you can see on a regular basis:  cleaning, warmth, patching a hole, place mats, and yes wrapping up laundry into nice neat packages.  Like I’ve mentioned in other posts on my other blog, people find uses for items that we tend to throwaway or recycle back at home.  I wonder what they would think of my art making?  It’s certainly not a necessity, or is it?  To me it is.

Art is my familiar place, it’s something I go to when I need to feel a connection to something.  Yes, it’s expressive, but it’s meditative and grounding.  All my work has repetition and layering, and those aspects are very important to me.  I am unwrapping my laundry, but then I’m cutting shapes, filling in space, and creating a new place with my “maps”, maybe, just maybe I’m peeling back the layers of myself to reveal something new.