Saturday Studio session

This weekend I spent the early part of my afternoon at Palette 22.  I had a really nice time working on some new paintings.  I started using my newspapers I brought back from India, and I’m making a few small guys while I’m an artist in residence at the restaurant.  It was fun meeting andContinue reading “Saturday Studio session”

A free weekend = art time

The past few weeks have been extremely busy, coupled with the typical wifi issues.  However, I managed to create some little guys.  I’m really enjoying using the Tamil and Hindi newspapers in my work to represent where I am.  In no other way could I be more present in my art making than using theseContinue reading “A free weekend = art time”

Hi from Chennai

Hi Folks I’ve been trying to settle in and make some art while here in Chennai.  It’s been a little difficult.  I’ve moved 3 times, and I’m about to move again (hopefully for the last time).  I wish I could dedicate a space, but where there’s a will there’s a way.  I only brought withContinue reading “Hi from Chennai”

Make a small purchase, make a significant contribution: Flood Aid for Schools in Chennai

Relief efforts are now underway to help the people who have been affected by the monsoon floods in the region of Tamil Nadu in India. In an effort to help communities who are most devastated by the floods in the region, I am raising money for a non-profit based in Chennai. The NalandaWay Foundation worksContinue reading “Make a small purchase, make a significant contribution: Flood Aid for Schools in Chennai”