New ideas

I’ve been playing around with some new ideas, and I think I’m liking it.  One of the benefits of having this studio and time out in the community at P22 is that I get to practice art.  Right?  I mean if you want to be good at something, you have to keep practicing, exploring andContinue reading “New ideas”

Summer time in the Studio

It’s my first week in my studio since I don’t know when.  It’s allowed me to work on a lot of projects that have been pushed to the side or stuck in my head.  This week I’ve already made some movement on some large paintings that should have been completed months ago, but I guessContinue reading “Summer time in the Studio”

Final days

Final two days of the “Invocations” art show.  Head out to Reston Community Center at Lake Anne before we have to take it down.  It’s been a lovely show and great experience.  So glad it came together over the summer.  Can’t wait to get back out there with some more new work in different locations. Continue reading “Final days”

January and February

The last few weeks have afforded me some good work time. QUALITY work time.  And here are the fruits of my labor…. so far. First there was snow.  Not much in this picture, but we ended up about 8 inches. Still working on this one.  I think I’ve been ignoring it on purpose because I’mContinue reading “January and February”

Where I left off…

Since it’s been a minute since I’ve posted, I thought I would update where I’m at.  I haven’t been able to work a lot this week since we’ve been back to school, but I managed to get some studio time in. The wash settled, but since then I’ve added more and lost the black ink.Continue reading “Where I left off…”