So, it actually feels like summer in this part of the world right now.  For so long we’ve been really lucky in having a warm, but not hot and humid, summer. Until now.  But that’s ok.  It just makes me want to go to the studio a whole lot more.   I had some time off at the end of July, so it was time to come back and really get to work.  Especially since I have a show coming up in a few weeks. I gave myself a challenge to complete a lot of work.  I’m still not quite sure if I’ll get there or not, but I’ve made some good progress.

The show will be based on texture, since I’m sharing the space with a fiber artist.  She makes wonderful woodland creatures out of felt.  We were trying to think of some kind of title for the show that would make sense, so we came up with “Exploring Textures”.   And– that really is what we’re both doing for the most part.  Our show will be on view at the Workhouse throughout September, and I’m really excited.  In fact, I just got my show postcards, which I can’t wait to send out.

Here are a few pictures to show you what I’m working on:

Light washes on wood
Part of the new collecting of pieces on wood
More washes
On the wall: Topographic Studies
Adyar 1 (above), Adyar 2 (below)
Potomac 1 (above), Potomac 2 (below)