After all the cookies and packages being tied up with strings I opted to settle in for a long day of art making in my underused studio space.  Working until the sun went down.  I can’t think of anything better to do post-holiday to sit back listen to some vinyl records while  collaging and painting.  Yeah, the days are still to short, but I can slow down time a little bit by focusing on these little guys.

ImageThe Lhotse enjoying some sunshine and pets before I begin.

ImageFiguring out some different ways to collage.  How about raw canvas, with a shredded edge… me thinks, me like.

ImageCoffee and cookie break, there are still enough cookies left to enjoy. This one, a lemon cookie.  One of favorite recipes.

ImageOne complete, I think.

ImageGoodnight sun, until tomorrow.  Can’t wait for more sunshine.  Each day is now getting longer!