Ok, so this painting is not really at all what I usually do, but i thought it would be a good one to go to next because the last one contained a few boxes with lots of writing. I like squares/boxes/windows/passages (whatever you would like to see them as). For the purpose of this one, I kind of think of them as bricks or blocks. the warm colors elude to some type of material like, for me.

I love word a day calendars for many reasons, but I tend to keep them and use them over and over again in my works. I mostly like them because they are attached to a calendar. But I also like them for their usefulness. You learn a word, with a definition, origins etc… You may not remember it, but you may recognize it. Or it may come back to haunt you in a scrabble game. Anyway, text is another reason why I like them so much. There is a variety of fonts, and if you cut them off you break up the definition of the word, which can remove the need for the entire calendar because it doesn’t make sense!

So, I saved them, I cut them and made them into squares. I arranged them mostly in rows, but then played with the grid I had made with the paint.

The grid. I drew a grid, and then offset the grid with the squares of the paper. I painted around each square and also made light and dark areas to draw attention to certain spaces. I kind of think of this work like a timeline or something. For me, there is movement going left to write. Almost like a typewriter.

In this work, the writing isn’t as prominent as it is in most of my other paintings. I feel like it fills the space where there are empty spaces and connects the squares to each other rather than drawing a line. While usually my writing is all over, it is only contained in a line.