It’s been a busy start to the new year, and I’ve been unable to update as often as I like. But that just means I’ve been working hard, right?  I am really excited about 2o17 and the art opportunities it could bring.  I’ve been working hard in the studio, but I’ve also taken on a few more teaching duties to try new things in and keep myself fresh in the classroom. It’s been great.

Unfortunately, I’m not teaching art classes much. At my part time position at a local independent school I’ve started teaching technology classes.  It’s a little out of my comfort zone, but I’ve done a lot to prepare for my class, including creating a website for the classes.  Which is actually better than this one.  So be prepared, there will eventually be changes to this one.  I’m glad I took on this challenge, but I miss teaching art and hope to bring some lessons, assignments, and maybe even a whole unit on art and technology.

I do have a mixed media class going on at the Workhouse Arts Center, and it’s going really well.  It’s small, but the students are comfortable and want to try a lot of different things, and aren’t afraid to go for it.  Next week, they’ll start putting everything together, and maybe even have a completed piece.

I’ve had less time in the studio, though.  Which makes me appreciate the time even more.  I’m preparing for a couple of bigger shows this spring and summer.  I hope that things will balance out a little more.  In the mean time, here are a few pictures of the things I’ve been working on my studio.

Another angle of the Adyar River, which I crossed almost daily, in Chennai.

Finishing up some “tributaries” on this piece.
Sometimes, I get into a tangles mess.
Three Rivers, 2017
Embrace, 2016.  Currently on view at the Workhouse Arts Center at the Collector’s Showcase.
Starting a new one today.