So excited that my art made it into another water show.  This will be my second water – themed exhibit and I couldn’t be more happier.  We all have a connection to water and it’s important that galleries and curators choose themes such as this to highlight important issues.  People always come into my studio and ask,” Why water?”  It’s a great question, and one that can be answered a million different ways.  For me, I feel that my art brings together two very simple issues.  How humans have developed civilizations next to water bodies and how we connect to them.  I didn’t always put objects or something recognizable in my artwork, but I do now.  I choose rivers, mostly, because they are abstract to us.  We don’t necessarily see what they look like from above, or the shape of them.  Most of the time, we see the piece of the river that is right next to us.  I like to look from a different view point, above, away. To capture more of the river, to capture the shape that most maps capture. Only then can we see it wind, twist, turn and become other water bodies, such as tributaries, creeks, and runs.

To see the next group show called H2O Waterworks, come to Alexandria Virginia to the Del Ray Artisan’s Gallery. I’m sure it’s going to be a great show.  It goes up November 4th!

Here is a link to the show and you can also check my current schedule for more details.

Congo, 36″ x 12″, mixed media
Zambezi (2016), 12″x36″, mixed media