Last week I had a meeting to pick my spot at the Workhouse and I couldn’t be more excited.  I move in next weekend and can’t wait to get started in this arts community.  It is rather funny that the Workhouse used to be a prison.  That is not lost on me at all.  In fact, the studio I picked has a yellow painted line on the floor that runs through the space.  The yellow line signifies “do not cross”, but I’m hoping to cross it a lot of times– in more ways than one.  I really hope that this space allows me to grow and learn from the community around me.  I don’t want to leave behind all that I’ve learned from being an educator.  I hope that I can actually reach out more because of this new space.  As I explore more, the one thing I would like to attempt is to make my worlds merge.  The art part, the education part, and the part that is me.  More and more in my everyday life all those parts seem to merge anyway.

So excited, hope you’ll come along and visit.