I’m on my way to Artomatic for the last time. It’s been a wonderful experience to be a part of an amazingly diverse artist community in the metro area, and I will be looking for these kinds of opportunities again. I have enjoyed meeting a variety of people with a variety of ideas and points of view.  When artists come together, that is when you realize that art has power.  So often we read histories and stories of artists isolating themselves with their craft, and while I’m certainly someone who does that too, I realize the importance of getting out there and being a part of a community that embraces individuality.  I cannot wait for the upcoming year to embrace more of that community.  I’ve been on an isolated island for way too long, almost afraid of what people might think of my ideas and art.  This event has allowed me to just put myself out there, not knowing what would come back.

In 3 weeks I’ll be moving to India for 4 months, on a Fulbright Scholarship to design an art and yoga program with a non-profit organization called NalandaWay.  I’m really excited to go on this journey.  I’m not going to stop making art, but I will be keeping record of my journey on this site.  I will still be posting art on this site, but please join me on my Indian journey.

Happy holidays and New year to all! I will check back in here in about 3 weeks from India!  Acha!