Finished a painting this week!  A triptych inspired by the Clarion River and Deer Creek.  I went to Clarion University for graduate school.  It was a really strange experience for me.  It was filled with a lot of questions, and some answers.  Honestly, I had a difficult time there.  For all sorts of reasons, but it gave me an art degree and a some great friendships.  I learned a lot about myself and it allowed me to venture out of my comfort zone.  I haven’t been back since I graduated back in 1997, but I wanted to pay homage to my tumultuous time there.

Already started a new one before I finished the Clarion one.
Detail of the drawing part.
Purchased some supplies for my trip to Ohio next week.

IMG_5589 So next week I’m in Ohio, I’ll be taking some art workshops and having some studio time.  I’ll try to update while I’m there.  I’m going to be working on some ideas for a new series.  But also going to be experimenting with technology!