Week’s end

I can’t believe a full week has gone by in the studio.  I’ve been working on a few different larger paintings and it feels so good.  I also took a step back from the drawing and actually painted on canvas.  It felt so good to have that once again, to just know how the paint was going to react.  I like working on the flat boards because they give me a slickness and a more watery look, but I do love the feel of a brush touching a canvas.

So here’s what I’ve been up to:

Start the week with the right mug– check.
A very large blueberry pancake. I mean where am i supposed to put all that?
Lots of cutting for the collage portion of my artwork.
a trip to the hardware store. I needed these.
Detail of one I finished.
A little break downtown to meet a friend for dinner.
The finished piece. A diptych. Inspired by the River Cooum in Chennai, India
Rollin’ out the big canvas for this one.
Just the very start of this one for my friends who have their homestead in the PNW.
The Columbia River.
Detail of the river.
Ended Thursday with some daytime shadows fading away to make room for night.

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