Change is happening in many different ways and many different sizes.  After working in the detention center for 8 years I’ve finally seen some positive change come from the work I am doing in the detention center.  About 4 years ago I started a yoga program and began working with students after school as a volunteer.  I continue to run the program in 8 weeks session, offering about 3-4 sessions a school year.  If I’m lucky, I get to do more during the 11 month of school.

I’ve seen an impact on my students and it seems like it’s been a great way to bring some positive attention to all the work that is going on in school program in the detention center.

Today we had a visit.  It was a once in a life time kind of visit.  We had security detail all over the place and a host of journalists and photographers trying to capture the moments.  My students were able to speak about their personal experiences as students, not detainees, in the detention home school.  Because of this visit I was asked to be a guest blogger on the US Department of Education’s website: Painting a Different Picture of Education in the Juvenile Detention Center.

It’s short and sweet, but offers a take on what could happen in an institution where people work together, put the child first, and think outside the box.

I’m also beaming with pride as I write this because my students highlighted that yoga played a part in their education.  And I didn’t even prompt them to do that!!!!  I do hope that AG Holder and Secretary of Ed are taking some yoga classes.  Check out what our School District’s take on this morning’s event is.

So, I’d say for a Monday, that wasn’t too bad.