You know what I mean.  It’s hard sometimes.  There’s that full time job, commitments after that full time job, people and dog to care of.  But, I still have the lofty goal that I will make something everyday.

For me that mostly turns out to be examples or demonstrations for my students.  I suppose it’s ok for that to be part of my experience in my own art making.  It lets me remember and to practice.  However, it’s still hard to carve out that time to complete a piece.

I tend to use whatever time opens up on the weekend.  This weekend I had a few hours.  It was glorious, except for the part when my dog almost walked across a canvas I had on the floor or the part where I nearly pulled off all the embroidery thread off as I moved my leg.

I guess that’s why I take photos too.  I feel that lets me choose something. Yeah, sometimes it’s a snap shot, but other times it’s a true observation of the subject.

I guess I’m still trying to figure out how to make small things.  It doesn’t seem so hard…. but  it is for me.  Why is that?

A while ago I decided to make little art postcards, like these.

But that really didn’t last too long.