I’ve decided to try to upload some of my old my work that I do, so that at the very least it’s out there. I really feel like I’m at a crossroads professionally. While I certainly enjoy being an art educator and LOVE to teach, I feel that I need to practice being an artist to make my teaching even better.

This “Blue” painting has a lot of layering. I created a collage on top of the canvas with calendars that I had been saving. Each of the calendar papers has a word a day on it. I let the overlapping of the collage dictate where to draw the dark lines for the boxes. All the boxes are different sizes, and aren’t meant to be equally measured. I added a mixture of colors and pushed them to create a border. Then I added an additional layer of writing with brush. The writing was slightly erased or lightened to create a more transparent layer. Then added smaller box in the center of each of the original boxes. Finally, after it was dry, I added ink writing to create an overall pattern in each square. The collage disappears under the layering.

A note about my writing. It’s something I have been developing over many years. I have been influenced by different kinds of scripts from various languages. Some of the writing might echo a true language, but it does not yet hold any particular meaning. (Although there do seem to be letters that appear– I just haven’t named them yet)

Having said that, I do call it writing. I feel that the writing allows people to read into the painting with their own thoughts or feelings. I may choose to begin attaching letters to my script, but for now I will leave it to the viewer.