Make a small purchase, make a significant contribution: Flood Aid for Schools in Chennai

Topographic Studies, 6in x 6in, $60 each
Relief efforts are now underway to help the people who have been affected by the monsoon floods in the region of Tamil Nadu in India. In an effort to help communities who are most devastated by the floods in the region, I am raising money for a non-profit based in Chennai. The NalandaWay Foundation works with children in under-served areas by providing arts programming all over the region. This organization has been mobilizing efforts to get aid to where it is needed and are intending to support the schools that have been affected the most.
If you would like to help bring infrastructure back to the local schools and provide vital support to the community, please consider purchasing one of my 6”x6” mixed-media paintings. I’m asking for a minimum donation of $60 per piece. I will insure that all proceeds from the sale (minus shipping and cost of supplies) will go directly to the NalandaWay Foundation. Each piece is titled “Topographic Study” and made with re-purposed maps, acrylic paint and ink on hard board. Each piece is ready to hang and signed on the back. There are 27 individual pieces that are available to purchase. I would be able to ship directly or deliver to you when possible.
I will be traveling to Chennai to collaborate with NalandaWay Foundation as part of a grant provided by the Fulbright Distinguished Awards and Teaching program on January 3, 2016 and will return May 1, 2016. For any information regarding this effort please message me.

That was BRASH

Yesterday I went back to Artomatic to collect my work and noticed a white piece of paper on the floor.  I picked it up, turned it over and found a typed poem written just for my art.  What a pleasant surprise to come across a poem that was written because it inspired something in the poet.

The poet’s name is BRASH.  As far as I can tell, this person goes around the DC metro area responding to the art that surrounds them.

I would like to say THANK YOU BRASH!  If you come across this post, please message me.  I have been trying to e-mail you, but it keeps bouncing back.  Thank you so much for your poem.  I’m so glad you enjoyed my work and I am so glad that you shared your art with me.  With your permission, I would like to post your poem to my blog.  So happy that you came across my work.


It’s that time.

I’m on my way to Artomatic for the last time. It’s been a wonderful experience to be a part of an amazingly diverse artist community in the metro area, and I will be looking for these kinds of opportunities again. I have enjoyed meeting a variety of people with a variety of ideas and points of view.  When artists come together, that is when you realize that art has power.  So often we read histories and stories of artists isolating themselves with their craft, and while I’m certainly someone who does that too, I realize the importance of getting out there and being a part of a community that embraces individuality.  I cannot wait for the upcoming year to embrace more of that community.  I’ve been on an isolated island for way too long, almost afraid of what people might think of my ideas and art.  This event has allowed me to just put myself out there, not knowing what would come back.

In 3 weeks I’ll be moving to India for 4 months, on a Fulbright Scholarship to design an art and yoga program with a non-profit organization called NalandaWay.  I’m really excited to go on this journey.  I’m not going to stop making art, but I will be keeping record of my journey on this site.  I will still be posting art on this site, but please join me on my Indian journey.

Happy holidays and New year to all! I will check back in here in about 3 weeks from India!  Acha!

Artomatic – Interview

Being part of a big art exhibit is a great opportunity to make yourself available to those who have never seen your work.  Unfortunately, not everyone can go see my art if they’re not close enough to go the show.  However, Artomatic, has given artists a chance to share more about themselves, the art they create and a little bit about what the experience has been like.  You can view my interview here .

November gratitude!

What an autumn it’s been.  We’ve had some amazing weather in the DC metro area, and I’ve taken a much needed break away from electronics and staying in my studio to enjoy the warm sunshine that we’ve been so lucky to have.  We’re half way through the month and we know as it gets closer to December the days get shorter and shorter (and darker).  I have to take these breaks to think about my next projects and give myself space between the work I’ve done and the next work I want to do.

Don’t worry! I’m not stopping, but sometimes I use these short breaks to recharge my batteries and get re-inspired.  One of the things that has really inspired me in the last few weeks is the Artomatic show.  It really is a fantastic event that brings people out of their respective studios and art places and puts the art into view of the public.  It’s not often that I have been able to show, due to many reasons…but I knew I could not let this go by.

Here are my pieces that are currently hanging out in Hyattsville.  I hope you have a chance to make it out there! It’s up for another month!

220905287_VMFA_5.jpeg IMG_1036 IMG_1044 IMG_1046 IMG_1053 IMG_1102

Artomatic 2015

This Friday was opening night over in Hyattsville, MD for Artomatic.  What a fantastic way to kick off the festive weekend! Here are a few pics of what I saw.  I think I only made it through half the show, but that’s ok, because I”ll be back again and again.

It’s up and it’s happening

Wow, this week was full of preparation for the Artomatic 2015 show.  There was a buzz inside the building as people were working on their spaces.  I loved hearing all the sounds of people working.  What an amazingly friendly atmosphere.  I was there a few times already, and on any given occasion I could here people chatting, working, and listening to music. It just had a lovely positive vibe.  I love art.  I love artists.

Here’s a sneak peak of what I’ve got in my space.  I managed to snag a long wall, so that really helps to showcase a few larger pieces as well.  I spent most of my time today trying to line up a grid of 30 pieces. I think it turned out well.  I just hope they stay straight on the wall.

The opening is October 30th, so if you’re in the area come on out.  It’s sure to be an amazing time. I’m sure it will be a buzz again.

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It’s all in a good days work.  Trying to finish up some last minute paintings for Artomatic.

Ocean blue
Love the ocean blue. Filling in with the pen work.
Love the copper tones in this river.
Gotta make sure they’re stuck together.
These two little guys will be there!


Just a quick announcement that I will be participating in ARTOMATIC this year!  It’s going to be amazing! It’s a 7 week art show in the DC area! It’s a free event! Come and check it out!! The opening is October 30th and Runs until December 12th!!!

Hope to see you there!!



See if you can make it to the Hirshhorn Museum in DC before September 20th.  You won’t regret seeing Shirin Neshat’s work from the last 30 years.  The exhibit is a mix of photography and her videos.   It’s an amazing show that really captures her viewpoint as a woman in and out of Iran, focusing on the politics, religion and women’s issues.

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