Glen Echo Opening

What an amazing place to have a show.  I can’t remember the last time I was there, but I know it had been quite sometime.  Glen Echo Park is a special place in the DC metro area.  It’s right across the DC and Virginia border, and is maintained by the National Park Service.  It truly is a one of a kind park that is tucked away in a little neighborhood full of cottages, craftsman bungalows and even some tudors.  Sure there are some hints of modernization, and some “mc-mansion’ style throwbacks, but the narrow streets, the trees, and the park make it all worth a visit every now and again.

The park itself has a pretty amazing history and some wonderful architecture that blends itself right into the natural scenery.  It creates a really magical experience for all who come.  You may hear the sounds of the carousel, and see the bright red sign that sticks out just enough so you can see it from the road, but once you park the car, and walk over the Minniehaha Branch, you step back into a place that has long been forgotten by the modern world.

A while ago, I used to bring campers here from Prince William County.  We went on a lot of field trips throughout the summer, and the kids were not always excited about going.  However, once they heard the music of the carousel and caught a glimpse of the architecture of the park, they knew they were in for an experience.

Having my current exhibit of rivers in the Stone Tower Gallery is such an amazing treat. This building dates back to 1892 and it was part of the Chautauqua movement.  It’s truly a beautiful building and the stone really gives the exhibit of my work a different feeling. I’ve only taken a few pictures, but plan to go back really soon to take some additional one.

If you’d like to get out there and take a look at my exhibit or the rest of the park definitely go on the weekends when the gallery is open! And maybe even take a ride on the carousel!

Click here for more information about the park and my exhibit!  In the mean time here are a few snapshots.

An old bumper car in one of the galleries.
The sun already coming down, and the moon is high in the sky. Perfect evening for an art walk.
Here’s a perfect example of keeping old with older. I love how it just highlights the magic of this park.
I’m in there on the bottom floor.
The curved walls can be difficult to work with in a gallery setting, but they have ways!!
A little grouping of some of my smaller works.
In the round! Full view of the gallery, panoramic style.



This year I’ve been fortunate to work on commissions for several people.  Each has been a pleasure to work on and I really can take the time to personalize and tailor an artwork for the people who receive it.  As an emerging artist I welcome commissions. It gives me a chance to take on someone else’s ideas, and make them my own. I often feel challenged, and it some small ways it allows me to take new risks and develop ideas for other works.  Here is just small sampling of what I’ve been able to work on these past few months:

Finished Commission:  Nile, 2017
Finished Commission:  Columbia, 2017
Commission in progress, collage.
IMG_9580 3.JPG
Commission in progress, washes.
Commission in progress, filling in the waterbody, added extra depth to the washes.

Ariel View: Glen Echo Art Walk

Hello everyone! Hope to see you next week out at Glen Echo Park for the opening of “Ariel View”.  Really excited to exhibit the many pieces I’ve worked on throughout the year and hope you’ll join me for the opening reception.  You can view additional information here or here .

Not a new site, just a new look

As I navigate the world of social media and blogging, I am realizing I am not a blogger. I love to take pictures and I really enjoy writing small anecdotes.  So in between while you’re waiting for blog updates I encourage you to check out my twitter feed and my instagram posts. I’m really good at updating them.  Also, if you haven’t already, you can also follow me on Facebook.  I hope we remain connected, even thought its a long wait until the next blog post.

Also look for links on the bottom of the pages of my website.  I hope to have instagram linked soon, but it seems a little fickle today.


Everyone, come down to Crystal City and support an amazing artist community.  Artists from all over the DC metro area exhibit a variety of artwork.  And— It’s FREE! You can find my art on the 6th floor — Gallery # 6107.  I’ll post some pictures soon, but definitely make your way down there for one of the special events.  This special exhibit lasts for 6 weeks!


Just an FYI

I’m in this show, and it open this weekend.  Click here to find out more about it.

Also, I just secured my space for Artomatic 2017.  More information to follow soon!


Many of you may know that I spent 4 months last year in India as a part of my Fulbright scholarship.  Here is a little update .

I think about India everyday.

Chennai meditations– made these small pieces while living in Chennai last year.  I used local newspapers as collage material instead of maps.

Only a few days left!

Have you made it out to the Goodwin House to the Crossroads Gallery?  You should soon, because “Pathways” featuring work by myself and Vivian Milholen will be closing next week.  Open until February 28!


A good time was had by all

This Saturday was “Second Saturday” at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, VA.  I decided to be more of a facilitator this time around and provide a free make and take workshop for anyone.  It was great! I had about 50 participants come in and hang out, while creating really beautiful pieces of art, all in a single postcard.  I provided all the supplies, they provided the inspiration.  And just in case, I had stamps and addresses for those who wanted to get a little political.

It was a great community gathering that I hope to do again for next month. I’m just thinking and considering– what could be the theme?  The subject?  The material?  Stay tuned and find out soon.  March is just around the corner.

Here are a few pictures from last night’s make and take:

The first wave of artists dove right in!  Such a great start.
Lots of stamping and collage making going on in this corner.  Not to mention the conversations and general laughter.
Participants came and went, but it was a nice ebb and flow. 
An expression of gratitude.
Great experimenting happening all over the room!
Loving this one– I wonder why?
Yep! It happened here!
Enter a caption
Lively bunch, chatting it up and making art.



Happy New Year- It’s February.

It’s been a busy start to the new year, and I’ve been unable to update as often as I like. But that just means I’ve been working hard, right?  I am really excited about 2o17 and the art opportunities it could bring.  I’ve been working hard in the studio, but I’ve also taken on a few more teaching duties to try new things in and keep myself fresh in the classroom. It’s been great.

Unfortunately, I’m not teaching art classes much. At my part time position at a local independent school I’ve started teaching technology classes.  It’s a little out of my comfort zone, but I’ve done a lot to prepare for my class, including creating a website for the classes.  Which is actually better than this one.  So be prepared, there will eventually be changes to this one.  I’m glad I took on this challenge, but I miss teaching art and hope to bring some lessons, assignments, and maybe even a whole unit on art and technology.

I do have a mixed media class going on at the Workhouse Arts Center, and it’s going really well.  It’s small, but the students are comfortable and want to try a lot of different things, and aren’t afraid to go for it.  Next week, they’ll start putting everything together, and maybe even have a completed piece.

I’ve had less time in the studio, though.  Which makes me appreciate the time even more.  I’m preparing for a couple of bigger shows this spring and summer.  I hope that things will balance out a little more.  In the mean time, here are a few pictures of the things I’ve been working on my studio.

Another angle of the Adyar River, which I crossed almost daily, in Chennai.

Finishing up some “tributaries” on this piece.
Sometimes, I get into a tangles mess.
Three Rivers, 2017
Embrace, 2016.  Currently on view at the Workhouse Arts Center at the Collector’s Showcase.
Starting a new one today.