Little Guys

It seems like once I make them, they go to someone else.  These little guys have flown the coup to have a home in Colorado!  Hope I get to visit them someday soon.

Ochre Bruise
Ochre Bruise
Violet Bruise
Violet Bruise
Green Bruise
Green Bruise

Kids Yoga Conference

I had a wonderful time yesterday presenting, meeting other teachers (yoga and other kinds).  I also got to be a participant.  But one of the most special moments was the end of the conference were we all convened together for a wrap up.  The last keynote was led by some well known yogis, hailing from New York and Baltimore.  Such warm-hearted, tell it like it is, let’s make yoga accessible to everyone kind of people.  My kind of people.  One of the activities we did in this large group of 300 people was so personal yet so profound that I really just felt it in my heart.

It’s basically a loving-kindness meditation or metta meditation:

Close your eyes or soften your gaze, place your hand on your heart and try to locate it’s beat.  Pay attention to your breath.  Notice how you don’t have to ask your body to breathe.  It just does.  Tell yourself, I love you.

Find someone next you.  Can be anyone.  Look at their faces, look into their eyes.  Notice them.  Now, tell them “I love you”. (you can imagine the laughter, and playfulness off of that one).

Again, look at your partner, and know that the person next to you is there, with you in this moment.  Look into their eyes, and tell them, “I love you”.  (again you can imagine, the lightness of people, the laughter)

Now, look around the room and try to see as many people in the room as you can see and say,” I love you”.

You can imagine the smiles filling the room, the laughter, the joy.  After a whole day of yoga, presentations, and complete mind overload, this was what the room needed.  And I can’t tell you how happy I was that I decided to end the day with my students right next to me.  I got to tell my student “I love you”.  A strange thing to come from a teacher to a student, or from a student to a teacher.  But we both did it, and at that moment it really mattered for us both to hear that from each other.  Sure, uncomfortable, surely a strange way to say it, but I know that I couldn’t have been a better time to say it or hear it.

Before my presentation.
End of the day with some fellow yoginis. I love these ladies.

Sad news

I came home yesterday and went straight to my computer, only to find some sad news that a dear teacher of mine had passed.  His name was Kurt Godwin.  I had taken only 2 classes from him in the last couple of years, but he was a very open and generous educator.  Not only that, but a first class artist who was so fun to watch.

He was very easy going, but also knowledgeable and posed fun questions to us every time he walked around to talk to us about our work.  “What about red?”, he said to me one time.  On another occasion he said, “What if you just left that alone?”.  In the short time I knew him, I learned quickly that he was pretty much an open book…..and oh by the way, he had lots of those.  Every class he’d bring in parts of his home library to share with us.  He had some pretty amazing books and catalogs of amazing art and artists.

He poured every part of himself into his work, whether is was teaching us or doing his own art.  We connected on our processes.  He created layers and layers on his work, just as I had always done.  But one of the things I did learn from him, was to let go.  It’s ok to let go of outcomes, not to pay so much attention to control.  It’s something I still wrestle with in my own artwork (and life).

He was a caring man, cared about his students, cared about his family.  I got to spend sometime with him outside of class at a few exhibits and you could tell that others felt the same way.  Lucky enough to know him, lucky enough to share some space with him, lucky enough to bare witness to his experiences and lucky enough for him to share them with us.

I’ll miss you, Kurt.

It’s truly interesting how people come into your life, the impression they leave on you can last a lifetime.


With the new school year in full swing I have neglected my blogging duties.  Catch up with you soon!


Ahh, in the digital age there is loads of data.

And it can get corrupted.

I’ll be back soon with a real update.  Stay tuned.

(e)merge art fair

The deadline was fast approaching and I need to get this out.  I just submitted this work on paper to the WPA for the upcoming (e)merge fair .

It’s a small piece.  Every work has to be on paper 8 in x 8 in.  A challenge for sure when I like to work big.

Small guys

Being back at school doesn’t afford me the luxury of making big work like I want to right now.  So I’ve been making some small guys.  I’m working on a series, and hope to have it completed by the fall.  I like these little ones.  It makes me feel like I completed something, and also they become ideas for larger works later.  Always trying to learn things!!!