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Northern Virginian



It’s true, I live in NOVA. While some people may think it’s a separate place from Virginia, it is in fact part of the state. This past April I was interviewed because I was nominated as a Northern Virginian of the year for the work I do at the detention center. I’m overwhelmed with the recognition, but I truly hope that this article helps shed some more light on the detention center and helps to make more positive programing changes for our youth in the community.


Sometimes, it’s the hardest part. 

January and February

The last few weeks have afforded me some good work time. QUALITY work time.  And here are the fruits of my labor…. so far.
First there was snow.  Not much in this picture, but we ended up about 8 inches.
Still working on this one.  I think I’ve been ignoring it on purpose because I’m kind of playing a lot with textures.  This one you can still see some of the glue drying.  There is a lot of thread.
Another View. I ran out of blue thread, gotta go find more, so I can finally finish.
Working on lines with pen and ink.  Old maps becoming a new map.
Almost there with this one.  Working with the pull of the thread for some tension.
A blank one, ready to be worked on!
Lhotse wondering when she’s going to be given some attention.  Sorry, my little neglected one.
Finding the river.

Spring is coming, just hold on a little longer

It’s not that I haven’t…. I have

I’ve been a little busy, with a thing called a day job.  And in between that job I have what is known as a weekend.  And on that weekend is where I try like crazy to get in some quality studio time.  I’ve spent the last 2 weeks working on the big ones, but I also started on a couple of little guys once more.  They’re becoming more rewarding.  I guess it’s because I feel like I”m actually finishing them, or close to it.  Either way, here they are.

Oh and yeah, it snowed and it was pretty, and I made granola.


yummo, good food keeps the artist going!


Early color building block… soon there would be many more layers.


More layers still– looking for some darker tones… added some darker reds mixed with a dark brown and black… almost done, will post at a later date.


Started another small one.  No paint yet.



Most snow we’ve seen since 2011. It’s kind of sad to say that since it’s only seen as 3 inches in the photo. However, I do believe we are up to 5! Pleasant night everyone! Stay warm wherever you are.

Where I left off…

Since it’s been a minute since I’ve posted, I thought I would update where I’m at.  I haven’t been able to work a lot this week since we’ve been back to school, but I managed to get some studio time in.

ImageThe wash settled, but since then I’ve added more and lost the black ink.

ImageDetail of white ink.

ImageStarted thread work, but then I dropped my bottle of glue and broke the cap.  So— I must wait.

ImageI’m liking it.

ImagePlayed on a collage with black thread.

ImageThis is the other large one.  Was working on the black lines.

ImageManaged to finish up the black lines and started adding color… But that’s just the beginning.

I love maps.

Happy New Year!

Doing a little work but then taking the rest of the day off! I don’t make resolutions, but I do hope to keep this blog alive and share the work I’m doing throughout ’14.

Have a wonderful start to YOUR new year!!

ImageWet on wet on wet.

ImageNew roads lead somewhere, right?

More vacation time please

Isn’t that how it always works?  Just when you figure out that you’re on break, it’s almost over.  If I had this much time to work on my art, I’d be an artist.  Hummm…..what did I just say?  I’m definitely using my time wisely over break, it almost makes me think I can keep up this artistic work ethic when school starts up again.

Except…when I realize it took me almost 8 hours to prep and collage one canvas….

Oh well, here’s what I’ve been up to:

ImageIn the beginning… a huge canvas.  My goal is to prep at least one more before I go back to work.  I’ve also prepped some small ones.  They’ll be along soon.

ImageThis mess contains 2 big maps.  NOT enough to fill a whole canvas, so I had to cut up one more.  The maps I used were from 1977 and another from the 80’s.  One United States map, one Virginia map, and one Washington DC metro map. I’m keeping it local for the next few paintings.  I’m definitely thinking about the content of the collage.  I have a plan… I REALLY DO!

Image….a few hours go by.  Not even close.

ImageTook a tea break, nice new teapot the husband gave me for Christmas.  I love it!

ImageTea time selfie!

ImageBlissed out on making art! This needs to be my full time job.

ImageFinished for the moment.

Winter Break

After all the cookies and packages being tied up with strings I opted to settle in for a long day of art making in my underused studio space.  Working until the sun went down.  I can’t think of anything better to do post-holiday to sit back listen to some vinyl records while  collaging and painting.  Yeah, the days are still to short, but I can slow down time a little bit by focusing on these little guys.

ImageThe Lhotse enjoying some sunshine and pets before I begin.

ImageFiguring out some different ways to collage.  How about raw canvas, with a shredded edge… me thinks, me like.

ImageCoffee and cookie break, there are still enough cookies left to enjoy. This one, a lemon cookie.  One of favorite recipes.

ImageOne complete, I think.

ImageGoodnight sun, until tomorrow.  Can’t wait for more sunshine.  Each day is now getting longer!